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1. Do I need deep design or coding skills to use your tools?
Of course, some knowledge in the field of design will not be excessive and will help you better navigate the choice. The main thing is to use your creativity and imagination to understand how to place different elements on the page, choose a color scheme, etc. By creating an attractive and user-friendly interface, your site will be able to generate a larger conversion. The good news is that you no longer have to do everything by hand, worrying about every little detail. Many processes can now be simplified for you, and all you have to do is click or use the drag-and-drop option and save what you have composed. You save not only your efforts but also time while getting the same high-quality result.

First, you browse through a rich selection of images from Unsplash and other graphic design visuals. Then, you can customize the sizes, effects, enhance, crop, and do other manipulations with the selected content. What's more, the whole process of working on your design will be intuitive and logically built. Then you can use your work and bring it to life by introducing your audience or simply honing your skills.

On our platform, you can find tools that absolutely do not require any design background from you, not to mention programming knowledge. The secret is that ready-made templates can be fully customized for, say, social networks or a website. Also, you just select the images according to your vision and change the background as you wish, and you can experiment with colors, fonts, adding other elements, etc. Both people with minimal experience and seasoned designers visiting CreatewithCraft will be able to find here dozens and hundreds of ideas for inspiration and effective tools for creating products.
2. What is good web design?
When it comes to web design, you should always remember that the main judge here is the end user. Most people who see your design will be non-professionals, and the first thing they pay attention to is of course the visual component. It's hard to please everyone because appearance is often a matter of taste. Therefore, try to put your soul into your creation and, in addition, try to follow modern trends. For example, don't overload the page with an excessive amount of colors and elements, but be on the side of minimalism and high-quality UX.

Having scrolled the site or platform for which the design was developed, already at a subconscious level, users without any technical background are able to distinguish good design from bad. How can you please them and benefit yourself? Firstly, the design should perform an informative function and familiarize visitors with the offer. Secondly, interacting with the interface, the user must be directed in the right direction, that is, to make a purchase, for example.

Thus, the synergy of an original and beautiful design, together with its usability and architecture, is able to find favor with customers. On this platform, you will find the best help in creating the design of a user's dream and will be able to design the content taking into account all modern requirements and your personal preferences.
3. How to create an original website that will stand out?
Some time ago, design professionals could use website builders, but the disadvantage of this venture was a noticeable similarity of results. Of course, if they had the funds, a whole team of creatives was hired for this purpose, and it all cost a lot of money.

Now times have changed, and in order to create a wow effect for users who open a web page, you can manage with one person and use complex online solutions. If you already have a developed concept of your future design, then nothing stops you. Throw away doubts and show a little originality when implementing your ideas. While you will find many templates on our site, you can also customize many elements to suit your projects.

Of course, it's not necessary to rely only on originality, because this is just a pleasant highlight of the design. It should first of all be in line with your business goals and not make visitors feel lost and unsure whether to take the next step. It's very important to find the right balance in everything, not forgetting about simple navigation and functionality of the design.

For better visibility, you can always google websites in your industry or your competitors. It's not necessary to repeat everything as they have done, but by comparing several options you will understand what similarities are traced, and what you absolutely do not like and, most importantly, what will also irritate the user's eye.
4. How to create a banner yourself?
Not only your website but also social networks have become significant platforms for advertising campaigns. A banner is an interactive design element that should attract the attention of the target audience. A well-made banner is a frequently clickable banner. In order to create it, you first need to choose colors that contrast with the rest of the background but are not very different from it. Also, special attention should be paid to the text to make its meaning as exhaustive and concise as possible. For greater effect, many use dynamic banners, but this is all a matter of your taste. Just one click and you can capture the user's attention.

Here you will find banner templates for such social networks as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and will be able to fill your design with all the necessary formats such as posts, stories, thumbnails, ads, graphics and others. In this case, the optimal size of the images and the desired orientation will be observed. When creating a banner, it's really important to not overdo it not only with colors, but also remember that you need to use a suitable font and make the text readable if it's available. You will be able to give free rein to your creativity, as even a person who has not done this before will be able to create a banner. With the tools available on our platform, you can do without the help of graphic editors and knowledge of codes. The main thing is that you can choose and adapt templates to suit your needs.
5. Does your product work with mobile devices?
Today's web design goes hand in hand with its counterpart, the mobile interface. This is due to the fact that smartphones and other mobile devices are gradually replacing computers, especially when it comes to private and entertainment use. Users are more likely to tap than click, so it's important that the right elements are easily accessible to them and open from the first time. Also, do not lose sight of the fact that the page loading speed on mobile devices must meet the user's expectations.

Our solutions are adapted to modern platforms and will give you and other users a pleasant experience. Your design will work both in portrait mode on mobile devices and in landscape mode on desktop devices. Responsiveness of the design is highly appreciated by people who constantly switch between devices and expect to see an optimized resolution regardless of the screen size. Moreover, the portability of mobile devices allows access to content anywhere and at any time, so it's simply impossible to refuse the availability of a mobile version in our time. We provide tools that meet the usability expectations of mobile users and allow you to create a minimalistic yet highly functional design.
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