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Privacy Policy
The scopes of this policy

Privacy policy of Create With Craft (hereinafter ‘us’, ‘our’) is the foundation of our relationship with the Users (‘you’, ‘your’) and regulates how we store, protect and use your private information both during and after your use of Create With Craft website and services, as well as the websites and services of the resources affiliated with Create With Craft. Any terms you shall encounter in the present policy are additionally explained in Create With Craft Terms of Use.

This privacy policy covers every and all aspect of the user’s interaction with the website. Please read carefully all the following information to get acquainted with the full scopes of our privacy policy. If you happen to disagree with any and all provisions provided in the policy, please refrain from using Create With Craft services. By continuing to use our website’s services, you automatically agree with all the provisions below.

Summary: Our privacy policy describes everything you need to know about how we collect and use your personal information received during your use of our website and services.

The data we collect
  • Personal credentials provided by you. Whenever a user creates a Create With Craft account, they are required to fill in their identifying data, such as full name, phone number, email address and links to third-party websites.

    Any comments and messages you may leave on our website are collected and processed as well. The main purpose of such data accumulation is giving ourselves the ability to analyze, evaluate and act upon the gathered information to improve our services and provide tailored user experience.

    As mentioned before, it’s best to avoid using Create With Craft services altogether if you see this policy violating your privacy. You can still access and use some of our services, but within limited scope that don’t guarantee full user experience.

    Summary: Using the website requires you to submit at least the basic personal information, such as login credentials.

  • Third party data. Social networks, like Facebook, can be used to access Create With Craft website and its services. If you choose this as a means of your sign in procedure, we receive some of your personal data as well. This information usually includes your unique Facebook ID, your access token, and all the info from your social network account that you opted to be visible to third parties. Please make sure you check on your social network privacy settings before using your ID token to log into our website and use its services.

    If you decide to cease the use of your social network account as a means of logging into Create With Craft, you may do so in your account settings and we shall no longer receive the aforementioned third party information. However, we may still be able to collect data related to your interaction with our ads and promotions on the corresponding social networks. We may also be able to access the third party information whenever you share links to our website on any other online platforms.

    Summary: Our website interacts with some third party platforms in order to enhance your user experience. This, however, leads to additional personal data collection.

  • Automated data collection. The data typically used in web analytics can be collected via our automated analytics services or similar third party services we use in order to calculate traffic proportions and trends. Our services can be improved drastically by receiving and analyzing info such as online pages you visit and words you search in Google and other engine. It is in your power to limit or restrict the use of your analytics data by us and any third parties by managing your privacy and cookie settings.

    Summary: Ad trackers and other robots collecting analytical data do this automatically by default. You can tweak your browser to avoid such data collection.

  • Cookies and analogous tech. Your use of Create With Craft website and services incorporates the procedure of cookie exchange between us and your device of choice. Data bits such as cookies allow us to optimize your website experience - for example, by allowing you to bypass the log in procedure each time you decide to visit Create With Craft. Cookies also track your website behavior, such as pages and links you interacted with. Bu utilizing info collected from cookies we also make personalized ad display possible.

    You can limit the use of cookies directly in your browser settings, but bear in mind this can also result in the dramatic decrease of the functionality of Create With Craft website and its services, to the point where some services may not be functioning properly.

    Summary: Cookies are necessary to keep you logged in in-between browsing sessions. You may refuse from cookie use but this can impair your user experience.

  • Log in/out data. Any instance of signing into our website is accompanied by the exchange of certain data, such as your IP address, web request, browser version, domain name and other related info.
  • Web beacons data. The general patterns of your online behavior are also tracked anonymously with the use of web beacons. Such beacons are included in our emails to know whether you opened and/or read any of the letters we’ve sent.
  • Device ID data. Whenever you decide to access Create With Craft from mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets), we will automatically collect the unique identifiers of such devices. Such identifiers are a part of your device’s connection interface and are shared universally. This is another component of the data complex designed to tell us how exactly you use Create With Craft website and services. Both Android and iOS devices have advertising IDs which we also receive and use for personalized advertising.
  • Geo tracking. Create With Craft may also collect your location data in order to analyze the geographical trends displayed by its users, as well as habitual tendencies related to their use of our website. There are several ways to obtain an approximate location of a website visitor, including third-party location data, IP address and/or from users directly.

    Summary: In addition to basic info, cookies and ad bots, your personal data is collected in the form of location info, a unique device ID (for mobile devices), browser type, and other minor data.

The use of collected data

The following is a detailed description of the means of utilizing user info mentioned above.

  • Full user experience. First and foremost, the collected data allows us to bring you the full scopes of Create With Craft services. This includes, but is not limited to signing up and into the website, accessing and using the products we provide and effecting transactions related to purchasing such products. As mentioned in the cookies section, some of your personal data is used, for instance, to keep you signed in during the repeated use of our website.

    Summary: We use the collected data to transform what you see on your screen for maximum convenience and relevance.

  • Analytics and AI. We use the collected data to aggregate and analyze trends and metrics that are a part of improving and optimizing the quality of our services. Machine learning is applied on the basis of such data as well, allowing us to tag and label inappropriate content (such as pornography and/or copyrighted materials) and remove it automatically before being encountered by individual users.

    Summary: AI algorithms use personal data to scan our pages for potentially inappropriate content.

  • Tailoring and customization. Each time you use Create With Craft, the data collected during your visit is properly analyzed to make sure that next time you’re going to see relevant suggested products and services.
  • User communication. Technical issues and general changes, both major and minor, are an integral part of any website’s genesis. To keep you posted about any events that may influence your Create With Craft experience, we may use your personal info.

    Summary: We use the collected data to keep in touch with you and make sure you get exactly what you came for.

  • Engagement and advertising. Your personal preferences as identified by collected data are of great help when deciding what information about new features and services we may decide to share with you as it appears. It is possible to refuse from getting such updates completely.

    The data collected automatically by us and/or any third parties is primarily used to fine-tune advertising and allows for targeted displays of suggested products and services.

    Summary: Relevant ads based on your online behavior also become possible via personal data collection and analysis.

  • Customer retention. It is important for us that you remain happy with the quality of Create With Craft services all of the time, which would be impossible without all the bits of data that tell us what exactly it is that keeps you interested in visiting the website and purchasing the products.
  • Safety. Another use of personal information is tracking and removing potentially harmful, misleading and/or fraudulent information from our website. Please remember that we shall bear no responsibility for any and all materials and information posted on our website by other users. We, however, shall do our best to moderate such information and make sure nothing harmful finds way past the content filters.

    Summary: Personal data analysis allows us to manually identify and remove any content that is irrelevant on the website.

  • Other instances of personal data use. Whenever the need arises for us to use a specific part of your personal information, that is not included in these provisions, we shall ask for your consent to do so and go into great detail explaining what exactly needs to be used and for what purposes. Please make sure you visit the website from time to time and keep up with the latest changes. Such cases include, but are not limited to, modifications and amendments to laws of certain countries stipulating the use of web services similar or identical to Create With Craft.

    Summary: The list of possible personal data use is subject to amendments and modifications. We’ll let you know prior to any of that taking place.

Personal data distribution
  • Third parties receiving your Create With Craft data. Certain activities, such as billing, analytics, advertising and customer support require us to share your personal data collected on our website with third parties. Such third parties shall only receive the personal data necessary to the purpose and must comply with the rules envisaged by this policy.

    Summary: Platforms unaffiliated with us can access some of your personal data which is normal and necessary for our website to function properly.

  • Your control over-sharing. You may opt to make your Create With Craft profile public, thus allowing other users to access your personal page and view the publicly available info. Please exercise caution and sound reasoning when deciding what data becomes public. In some cases, the data may still be available in the form of cache even after you remove it from public access.

    Summary: If you make your personal info visible, be careful that none of it can be used for fraudulent or otherwise harmful purposes.

  • Other cases of sharing. Should Create With Craft become sold or transferred to a third party, this will include your personal data we collected, such as telephone number, email, login credentials and so on. The same shall happen in cases of bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, liquidation and similar events resulting in a legal entity ceasing to exist in its initial form. Prior to any of such cases taking place, you will be notified by email to give you an opportunity to remove and/or modify any information that you see fit.

    Summary: If our company stops to exist, your personal data may become the property of another legal entity and from that moment you’ll have to deal with their terms and policies.

Third Party Ads

Advertising engines like Google and Facebook may place their ads on our website, which leads to some of your personal information (primarily on interaction and behavior with such ads) being collected by said engines. Create With Craft doesn’t sell or rent your personal data for advertising purposes, but merely provides its website for such ads to be placed.

In cases when the advertising engine requires that an ad is shown to a particular segment of users, we shall use aggregated data to determine whether you belong to such category, thus allowing for targeted marketing. We have no power over how such engines use your personal data, so it is in your best interest to get acquainted with the corresponding privacy policies as well.

Summary: Ad engines may show their banners on our website and collect the corresponding personal data based on how you react to such ads, even if you just scroll them by. Non-action counts as an action in this case.

Storage and protection

Your personal information collected by Create With Craft is kept on our servers located in Portugal, with all the correspondent laws regulating its protection, storage and use. Third parties that receive your personal data from our website may be registered in other countries governed by different laws and regulations. As a result, your information may end up within a jurisdiction that doesn’t provide an equal level of data protection. We, however, do our best to ensure the maximum level of security provisioned by the corresponding laws of Portugal when it comes to your personal info.

Create With Craft employs the most reliable Internet security measures to keep your personal data intact - however, the maximum safety can not be ensured without your input. To ensure your identity, we require all the users to create unique sign-in credentials and we do not allow any of this data being passed to third parties. You must make sure that enough effort is put to protecting it on your behalf as well. Do not share your login credentials with individuals and legal persons to keep your account in your sole control.

Should any of your personal data become leaked or compromised in any other way, Create With Craft will conduct a proper investigation and take all the possible measures to restore such information. You will receive a prompt notification and may need to take further steps in order to protect your account and affiliated info, e.g. change your login credentials.

Summary: Your personal data is as safe with us, as only possible on the Internet. The responsibility for keeping it intact lies as much on you as on us, though. Please be careful about what you share and with whom, for we can’t foresee everything.

User control

This section describes all the possible ways for you to limit, restrict, expand, or modify your personal data collected by us.

  • Account and settings. Access your account at any time to change your user profile information. Opting out from promotional and informational communication via email is also an option. Your subscription cancellation request shall be processed automatically. For additional data management options, should you require any, please contact us at [email protected].

    Summary: You can edit your account data and unsubscribe from our emails if you want to, or request us to do it for you.

  • Data collection. Your browser allows you to change cookie preferences, and most devices provide an option of modifying tracking options. Do this at your own discretion - Create With Craft website and services may be rendered unusable by turning off certain data collection mechanisms.
  • User rights. As mentioned above, you’re welcome to contact us and exercise your rights to the following manipulations with your personal information: requesting a digital copy, requesting editing the info for accuracy, requesting complete or partial removal, objecting to collection and use of your information.

    In some cases, we will be unable to comply with your digital copy request - for instance, when such data includes information of other users. Your data removal inquiries shall be performed by us with the utmost diligence, but it still doesn’t prevent your data from being stored in cache of other users and being indexed by search engines. In the most extreme cases, some information can not be removed as envisaged by current legislative norms and regulations. Any third-party data removal requests must be sent to the corresponding third parties directly.

    Summary: You can ask us to send you a copy of your data, modify it, or remove some of its parts. Sometimes, there are reasons when we can’t comply fully - mostly dictated by law.

Data lifespan

Create With Craft is entitled to store and use data collected from individuals for as long as it is commercially viable. Some of the personal info is backed up and archived upon being withdrawn from active use for legal and audit purposes.

Third-party resources

Create With Craft permits the placement of links to third-party platforms on its website but the present policy doesn’t cover any websites unaffiliated with us. Your visiting and browsing third-party resources, as well as consequences of doing so, are governed by the corresponding data policies. Please proceed at your own risk and exercise great caution whenever you decide to access third-party links.

Summary: Think twice before following the third-party links on our website. We do not post them ourselves and are not responsible for the consequences of others doing so.

Policy changes and updates

This privacy policy may be revised, updated or otherwise modified in order to comply with the current legislation. You shall be notified of any such changes both on the website and via email. It is in your best interest to visit this page from time to time in order to check on the possible modifications. In any event, Create With Craft will adhere to the principles of transparency and the rights of an individual.

Summary: Keep in touch with the changes to our privacy policy. As a rule, we inform our users about impending modifications.

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