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Refund Policy

The User has the right to request a refund from Createwithcraft for the number of purchased and downloaded designs created with our service. When requesting a refund, the User must specify the reason for the refund in the request.

Refunds are issued only if the User has not violated any provision of the Terms and Conditions during the period of use of Createwithcraft services.

The request review period is 7 business days from the date of sending the request.

In case of positive answer the order will be refunded within 10 business days.

Termination of Account Conditions

The agreement between Createwithcraft and User becomes valid immediately upon User's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (i.e., purchase of services) and will continue until either party terminates it. The User has the right to terminate the agreement by contacting Createwithcraft.

Complaints and Disputes Procedure

At Createwithcraft, we strive to provide the best possible standard of service for our Users. If a User is dissatisfied with the product or service received, Createwithcraft will do everything in our power to provide a solution that pleases both parties.

There are three ways a User can submit complaints and disputes:

  • send an email to - [email protected],
  • call +48572973176.
  • fill out the "Contact us" form on the Createwithcraft website.

The Createwithcraft manager responsible for such requests handles complaints fairly, consistently, and timely. The User will receive a response within seven business days.